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Welcome to our office! 

We created this space with YOU in mind.

A space that you feel comfortable, safe, and cared for and that your entire family looks forward to coming to! 

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Play Space

Have you ever tried to take your little one to a doctors appointment and had them sit there bored, had to tell them 10 times to sit down, or simply just handed them your phone to try and keep the peace? That is the exact reason that the play space was the first space that Dr Melissa created! IFC is a place for kids to have fun, explore their imagination, and be a kid!

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Adjusting Area

Where miracles happen! The adjusting area is visible from the play area so that kids can still be kids and there is no need to worry! IFC has open style adjusting but there is plenty of opportunity for privacy. 

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Quiet Room

This is one way that IFC was created with you in mind...we see lots of new mamas here and we know that you don't always get to choose when your little one needs to eat. You are always welcome to feed them wherever you are comfortable, but this room is available for you to use as long as you need! 

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